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SocialGo vs UltimateWB, membership website with access features and mp3

Hi, I have been commnicating with Social Go for them to build me a social website like voices.com , using my own domain. Cost was $500 for them to set it up. Then I saw the ultimate WB in a search on Google. How much you charge to build me a social website, with my own domain, where members can pay different membership levels to view different pages and , upload mp3? Thanks! 

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Hi, welcome to UltimateWB!

For a social website, you would want the UltimateWB Full version which costs $249 one-time fee.  This includes 1 year free of any software updates released, after which you may choose to buy a yearly upgrade plan or not.  Besides this, you will need a domain name and web hosting.  With UltimateWB, unlike with SocialGo, you can choose to host with UltimateWB or with another web hosting company which satisfies the server requirements as listed at https://www.ultimatewb.com/server-requirements .  You can also choose to use your own domain name, purchased at another company (provided that they give you the ownership/let you set the nameservers) or at UltimateWB.  You can make all the purchases under the "Purchase & Download" tab on ultimatewb.com.  Here is the web hosting/domain name purchase page: https://www.ultimatewb.com/domain-names-web-hosting .  UltimateWB web hosting packages start at under $5/month, and all include free professional installation of the UltimateWB purchased software.

We have an online user manual, video tutorials, and support forums available under the "Resources" tab on our website.  We offer free tech support, and also offer professional services for those who would like us to create their website.  To calculate the cost for this, please refer to the web design packages purchase page at https://www.ultimatewb.com/pro-services#webdesign and the web dseign packages info page at https://www.ultimatewb.com/web-design-packages-info (both under the "Purchase & Download" page).  Based on the info you have provided, it would cost more than $500 if you would likes us to do all of the web design.  

Is the SocialGo quote for $500 just for setup and not actually web designing?  Here is their SocialGo web design pricing page: https://www.socialgo.com/design-and-build .  When comparing pricing, please check on what each package includes to make an accurate comparison.  You should also consider any monthly fees they impose - especially as SocialGo is a hosted solution and you do not have a web hosting choice, should you not like their service or increased web hosting fees, cancelling your web hosting will cancel your website, causing you to have to create your website again from scratch.  

Please also check out the SocialGo and UltimateWB and other social networking website builder features comparison at: https://www.ultimatewb.com/social-network-website-builder-comparison .  Another very important aspect is features.  It does not seem like SocialGo has the features you need.  To confirm this, I did also a search on the SocialGo website, on their features page at https://www.socialgo.com/pro/features and compare (for their plans) at https://www.socialgo.com/compare .  You can find an overview of the UltimateWB features at https://www.ultimatewb.com/features and a list of what's new at https://www.ultimatewb.com/whats-new .

We're recognized as offering some of the very best customer support in the industry. Check out our customer testimonials at https://www.ultimatewb.com/testimonials-software-reviews for their views.

Official UWB Support Team! Contact us directly here!

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Thank you.
I have looked over it and the problem I have with the UltimateWB is that it seems like a lot for me to setup.
Social Go was only going to set up the site - I don't think there was much designing on their part. I was going to use their $500 plan and have them build the site.
I can do the managing of the site because I have played around with building sites. I just want it to be a good site from the start and I don't have time to build it.
What do you have that compares to their $500 plan? They told me that $500 fee includes 5 static pages. I already have my own domain, which does allow me to point to another host. Also I would like to get started on this this weekend. What is your timeframe for turnaround?
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Are you referring to SocialGo's $550 plan? ( https://www.socialgo.com/design-and-build )

You would need the UltimateWB Full software which is $249, one-time fee which includes 1 year free of any software updates.  You can choose to buy a yearly upgrade plan after that or not.

You can use your own domain name as you said you can point it to nameservers for web hosting.

For web hosting you can choose an UltimateWB plan at https://www.ultimatewb.com/domain-names-web-hosting and that includes free installation of your purchased software onto your web hosting. (Alternatively, you could choose web hosting from another company that satisfies the server requirements as listed at https://www.ultimatewb.com/server-requirements . We have install instructions/video at https://www.ultimatewb.com/installation and optionally also a install service available for purchase at https://www.ultimatewb.com/pro-services ).  Our UltimateWB web hosting plans start at under $5/month.  You can get discounted rates on it with the semi-annually or yearly plans.

Now for web design packages, we have the Small package for 5 pages setup for $375 and the Medium for 10 pages setup for $750.  We could do 7 pages for $525 if you would like.  Regarding which pages you would like us to do, you can get some good ideas from the web design package info page at https://www.ultimatewb.com/web-design-packages-info .  For example:

General Setup:
1) Homepage
2) Contact page (footer link)
3) About page (footer link)
4) Terms (footer link)
5) Privacy (footer link)
6) Sign up page
7) Edit Profile page
8) Public Profile page
9) Inbox
10) Sentbox

And then we also have listed

Video Uploads:
1) Video Upload form page
2) Edit Video Upload Post form page
3) Video Upload content page
4) Playlist page
5) Edit Playlist page
6) Search Video Uploads page
7) Advanced Search Video Uploads page


The video uploads setup is similar to the audio (mp3) setup which you have inquired about.

You can choose which pages you would like us to do when you purchase the web design package.


Regarding turnaround time after you purchase, once we get any of the necessary materials/info from you it is typically within 1-5 business days.  You would need to purchase the software (and optionally web hosting for free software install service), besides the web design package you want.  If you are using UltimateWB web hosting, you should point your nameservers to ns5.ultimatewb.com and ns6.ultimatewb.com.  Pointing your nameservers asap will expide the process in the setup.

Purchase page links:

Software: https://www.ultimatewb.com/buy

Web hosting: https://www.ultimatewb.com/domain-names-web-hosting

Web Design Package: https://www.ultimatewb.com/pro-services#webdesign 

If you would like to go with the $525 web design plan you can make that purchase at: https://www.ultimatewb.com/purchase-website-services and choose the $525 option under the Quotes Cost menu.

Official UWB Support Team! Contact us directly here!

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