Review of TechRadar’s UltimateWB Review, follows with TrustPilot user complaints on TechRadar

Daniel Blechynden from TechRadar apparently prefers Wix to UltimateWB. That is fine, but the review is based more on hollow research and empty conclusions, laced with bias, and riddled with false information. It follows in suit with user complaints on TechRadar, currently rating them a 1.3 on TrustPilot, with 82% of the 89 reviews rating TechRadar as “Bad”.

As one reviewer on TrustPilot writes about TechRadar reviews, “they are so lightweight in content as to be basically tissue paper“. In his UltimateWB review, Blechynden uses the phrase “and more” 6 times, like the “yada yada yada” Seinfeld episode – the review is skipping a lot. We have contacted TechRadar numerous times in the past year to fix the incorrect information in their UltimateWB review and also bring it up-to-date, but to no avail. So here is our review of TechRadar’s UltimateWB review.

Correction: The Promo version has more than “quite limited features”

TechRadar says: “Prices start at $19 for the Promo license, which comes with quite limited features and a five-page limit.”

The Promo license has more built-in features than a lot of website builders. You can compare UltimateWB to other website builders in our website builders comparison chart. We are not sure how Blechynden missed it, as we have a section on the UltimateWB homepage labeled “ALL versions include”,

and a Compare UltimateWB software versions chart too:

Perhaps Blechynden really means to say that the Promo software has less features than the Full software, but his choice of words is discounting the Promo software features extensively.

To summarize, with ALL UltimateWB software versions, including the $19 Promo, you get:  NO Required Ads, Web Hosting Choice, Manage your website easily online, from any computer/device with an internet connection, 1-Click Template installs – build out sections of your website in seconds, Built-in Responsive App for Mobile Friendly website!, Built-in SEO Tool (Search Engine Optimization) for that high Google ranking!, Pretty/Clean URLs – User Friendly and also good for SEO! You pick your URLs!, Easy Content Manager – Customize your header, footer, and optional side left/right sections, and it updates on all your pages. Option to revert to previous backups of page from Edit History. Switch your website to/from a One-Page website with the click of a button, Styles Manager with Fluid Design – Create your own website design, add background images, choose your colors, fonts, styles, and more!, Upload & Integrate Unlimited Photos, save time with the built-in Batch Upload Tool, Contact Form – Customize up to 10 fields and a menu, allow file attachments, and require captcha or question & answer verification for spam control, Customize Language & Configurations – Put your website in any language you want! It’s all customizable!, Ad(d)s Manager – Easily embed Google ads, Google Analytics, or other media/plugins code, Backup Database Tool, Upload Customized Browser Icon (favicon), No Programming Experience Required, Option to add your own Custom Coding – both for style and content!, Free Tech Support.

We provide the Promo version for those who only want a simple 5 page website. Why pay more if you don’t need more? The PromoU software version is $34 for unlimited pages.

Correction: UltimateWB IS the most powerful website builder – there is no other website builder that can do what UltimateWB can

TechRadar says: “The Ultimate Web Builder is far from the most attractive or powerful website builder that we’ve ever seen, but it still comes with a few noteworthy features worth listing. 

For starters, Ultimate Web comes with a suite of e-commerce features, including a simple shopping cart, a PayPal payment gateway, and inventory management. You will also have access to various shipping tools, an affiliate app, digital download features, and more. “

Maybe the keywords here are “that we’ve ever seen”. Blechynden just lists some UltimateWB features and does not bother to get into any of it.

The shopping cart has lots of features – it is a whole e-commerce system to support online stores. In summary: Shopping Cart – Sell items, digital downloads, services, subscriptions, or receive donations easily on your website. Customize & format the shopping cart display, language & buttons, view cart, and check out pages. Manage items with variable options/pricing and photos. Checkout / Payment Processing – Choose a PayPal checkout or opt for orders to be emailed directly to you, for any further processing. You can receive automatic notification from PayPal after a payment is processed, enabling automatic file download or subscriptions/member area access after payment. Credits App – Set an optional default number of credits each member starts out with, or require members to buy credits. Sell credits with automatic processing of credits to member’s account via PayPal. Credits format may be set to whole numbers. Use an optional second member account, for Savings/Loan, for example. Members may transfer credits from their account to their Savings/Loan account, if used. Members can track their transactions from their account. You can manage transactions from Admin Panel. Automatic Digital Downloads after Purchase – Works with PayPal purchases. Item Reviews & Ratings, Coupons / Item Discounts – Create coupon codes for special promotions & sales. Set Shipping Prices, Set Tax Rates, Display “Related Items” and “People who purchased this also purchased…” sections. Affiliates App –  Take advantage of a built-in affiliates program option to grow sales through profit sharing. Inventory Management – Keep track of item inventory. Choose to display a message when an item is in “Limited Supply” (you choose when that is) or “Out of Stock”. Choose to not allow purchases when an item is out of stock. Social Share buttons.  Increase word of mouth by easily adding Facebook Like, Twitter Share, and Google +1 social plugins for each item. (Google +1 has discontinued its services).

Interestingly, the TechRadar review goes on to compliment the UltimateWB built-in Social Networking apps:

TechRadar says: “Ultimate Web’s social networking features stood out as exceptional (Image credit: Ultimate WB)

We also liked Ultimate Web’s social networking features, which are basically designed for those who want to build their own social media platform. Here, you will find tools for most uses, including member systems, private messaging, a rewards app, and more. “

Another famous Blechynden “and more”. He doesn’t get into it enough to justify his “and mores”. UltimateWB comes with LOTS of built-in features. TechRadar’s “and more” here is representing these social networking apps/features: Members System – Customize your own Registration / Login forms, Public Profile and Edit Profile pages – the language, style, formatting, fields, optional/required fields, and default Privacy settings. Use Profile Photos / Avatars, menu fields, radio boxes, checkboxes, or text fields. Social Login, Rewards App, Privacy Settings, Search Tool, Friend, Fan, Block, Private Messaging, Real-Time Chat, Page/Post/Upload Rating, Commenting, Comment Likes & Unlikes & Replies, Page/Upload Likes & Unlikes App, Page/Upload Shares App, Timeline App, Forms & Surveys Builder, Polls App, Articles App, Blog, Forum, Listings Directory App, Classifieds & Auctions, Scrapbooks App, Photo Uploads App + Meme Generator (photo captions), Video Uploads App, Audio Uploads App, File Uploads App, Calendar App, Notifications App, Timezone, Flag Content, Admins / Moderators, Social Share Buttons.

Besides the E-Commerce and Social Networking apps and features, there are the Content, Style, and Reach tools that UltimateWB offers. The TechRadar review does not cover this, for example, how you can design your own style with the built-in Styles manager, or create a photo gallery, slideshow, or photo collage with the click of a button. Guess this falls under the part where Blechynden says:

“Upgrade to a Promo Unlimited license ($34) to remove the page limit, or to an Essentials+ license ($49) for unlimited stylesheets, sections, and more. 

The Lite version of the program ($89) adds a sitemap generator, maintenance redirect app, admin manager, document manager, mailing list, and various photo editing and customization options. 

And finally, the most advanced Full license costs $249 and unlocks all features. These include various footer options, password protection options, e-commerce tools, social networking tools, multiple language support, and more. “

And more! Not sure how Blechynden can justify that UltimateWB does not have the most functionalities of any website builder.

We list out and describe UltimateWB website builder features on the Features page, so it is another “can’t miss”…unless you want to.

What website builder does Daniel Blechynden from TechRadar think is the most powerful?

TechRadar says: “Ultimate Web Builder is far from the most attractive or functional we’ve seen. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives out there that may present better options. 

For example, Wix is arguably the world’s most powerful website builder. With prices starting from just $14 per month, a great free version, and some of the most powerful editing tools we’ve seen, there’s a lot to like here.”

So Blechynden writes that “Wix is arguably the world’s most powerful website builder” – but the argument is very paper thin and amounts to: “some of the most powerful editing tools we’ve seen”. Do you know that on Wix you cannot change templates without starting from scratch? Blechynden should know that – if you click on the Wix link in his article, it is listed right there as a Con.

On UltimateWB you can change up formattting, stylesheets, switch from a multi-page website to a one-page setup, and back again with the click of a button, without starting from scratch.

We compare UltimateWB to Wix in our website builder comparison chart. Here is a look at it with just UltimateWB vs Wix:

Arguably, UltimateWB is the most powerful website builder – just like we stated on our homepage. It appears Blechynden saw this and decided let’s just say UltimateWB isn’t and say Wix is. It is fine if someone prefers Wix to UltimateWB, but make a plausible argument.

An interesting thing we recently found on the Wix website is their statement that, “You can add up to 100 pages to your Wix site, however, keep in mind that sites with a large amount of pages may take longer to load and may also affect the loading time and performance.”

Guess that is one reason Wix opts not to use their website builder for their own website.

Correction: Customization & Flexibility is big at UltimateWB

As web developers, we know how important customizability and flexibility is for creating websites, and we offer this to our customers with the UltimateWB website builder – all software versions.

Blechynden touches on this aspect of UltimateWB,

TechRadar says: “Finally, the Ultimate Web Builder provides full code access, which is great for those who plan to make fine-tuned customizations or who want to integrate their own web apps. “

But then he makes a 180…

TechRadar says: It took us a few minutes to even figure out where any editing options were, and these were simply terrible. 

Rather than using a modern drag-and-drop editing interface, the Ultimate Web Builder uses an unusual text-based editor. It gives you little control over the layout of your page, and customization options are very limited. 

Actually, UltimateWB uses a page editor box that allows you to create tables and divs and make your own layouts,

besides using the page formats

It is kind of like Word. UltimateWB is not a drag-and-drop website builder, and that is clear from our website, faq, demos, user manual, knowledgebase, and online tutorial videos. With UltimateWB you get customizability, flexibility, and clean coding – without having to know coding. But if you know coding, you can add/edit your own coding too. That is why we say UltimateWB is beginner friendly and expert flexible.

Correction: User Friendly UI: Yes, you can add a photo directly on a page

TechRadar published Blechynden’s review on January 5, 2021 and we rolled out an updated UI for adding photos directly on the page around that time, so he did not test out the newer version.

TechRadar says: “Trying to add a simple photo to a new page provides the perfect example of just how frustrating it was to use Ultimate Web’s editor. Rather than simply uploading an image and inserting it where required, we had to navigate to a separate photo manager, upload media there, and then set it to populate the pages we wanted.”

You can check out the upgrade announcement on our January 9, 2021 article, “Upgraded User Interface (UI) with Ultimate Web Builder software upgrade 6.5“.

We have modified the user interface for adding photos. You can now also add/manage photos directly from the Add/Edit Page, besides the Admin Panel Photos section. Plus, you can choose to “assign” photos to a specific page for quick access to the photo on that specific page, or leave it unassigned to any pages so that the photo is available for quick access on all the add/edit pages.

We have contacted TechRadar about updating on this change, but to no avail – no response.

Correction: You get lots of web hosting and domain name choice at UltimateWB – choose what works for you

TechRadar says: It’s also worth noting that you will have to purchase a domain and web hosting separately before using Ultimate WB. 

Launched in March 2021, the UltimateWB Cloud website builder combines the website builder and web hosting together, and does not require buying the software/web hosting separately. It includes any software updates.

So you don’t have to invest much to start out your website, with plans starting at $8/month when paid yearly, or $10/month when paid each month. Plus there is a 30-day free trial.

Some may prefer to buy the software and web hosting separately, rather than being on a Cloud setup, so we offer that too. Web hosting plans start out at $3.99/month when paid yearly, or $4.99 when paid monthly. All web hosting plans includes free professional installation service of your purchased UltimateWB software.

Our web hosting plans and Cloud hosting plans have lots of features, including customized email accounts, traffic statistics, and verified free SSL.

Lots of companies charge extra for these features, but there is no mention of these UltimateWB web hosting perks on the TechRadar article.

We also offer domain registration at UltimateWB for an easy, hassle-free experience. Or you may choose to buy your domain at another company. You can check if your desired domain name is available on our online Check Domain Name Availability tool.

Correction: UltimateWB provides top-end support

TechRadar says: “Meanwhile, Ultimate WB’s support options also leave a lot to be desired. The only live support option is online form submission, which leads to an email conversation. There is also a forum, but it’s very sparse, with few posts or active users. 

While there isn’t a knowledge base or help center as such, Ultimate WB does provide a full user manual and various tutorial videos.”

So much wrong here. If you’re going to comment on the quality of support by a company, shouldn’t you test it out? UltimateWB is known to provide some of the very best customer support in the industry. Check out our customer testimonials for their views.

For example, one customer writes:

“Ultimatewb on the other hand is a fantastic company. The product and service is exceptional. Their service is attentive, prompt, caring and considerate, and I feel as if I am part of their family. The product is very comprehensive, flexible (multiple possibilities), fluid, and fresh (offers many things other companies don’t). Even still, they add features without fees and help you utilize it (If you can dream it, you can find a way to do it on their website. And if you can’t figure it out, they will help or add that feature.). There is no nickeling and diming, and stuffing product down your throat and two faced service like a company that loves to advertise at Superbowls.”

There are video testimonials too.

We currently do offer live support – there is an online button on the top header, labelled “Online Consultant”. This is an online chat system.

Clicking on the button opens up a chat box on the bottom of your page:

Besides the online contact form to directly email UltimateWB support, we do also offer support on our forums.

We wouldn’t classify this as “very sparse, with few posts or active users. “

Our team answers questions very quickly, whether it is on the forums or via email.

Blechynden apparently has no issues with Wix’s support. Though there are forum questions left unanswered.

Wix support is also through a ticket system, first chatting with an automated system,,

and then you submit your question, to be contacted later via email:

Correction: UltimateWB does have a Knowledge Base, a.k.a Help Center

TechRadar says: “While there isn’t a knowledge base or help center as such, Ultimate WB does provide a full user manual and various tutorial videos. “

The Knowledge Base/Help Center is under the Resources tab.

Just enter in your question and hit the search button. We do also provide a user manual, quick how-to guide, and video tutorials.

We like UltimateWB and use it for our website. Which website builder can also say that they use their own website builder for their own website too? Not Wix, perhaps because it does not offer the amount of flexibility necessary.

TechRadar bloat

Blechynden likes our homepage so much that he decided that the UltimateWB review needs two screenshots of it.

We hope you like UltimateWB.

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